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My Approach


I  aspire to provide an inclusive, non judgemental safe space for my clients to work through their issues.

My core training approach is integrative combining Person Centred Therapy, Psycho-dynamic,Reality/Choice Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. 

The therapy that I offer is based on the belief that people who come for therapy are experts on their own lives (even if they don't feel like they are!), who have lots of potentially good ideas about how to deal with their problems. One of my roles is to help you to make the best use of your own experience and understanding.


My approach is to be as flexible as possible in responding to your needs. If I am unable to meet your needs, I shall assist you in finding you another therapist that does.




A.S.I.S.T trained

Certified in Children First (Tulsa) Guidelines on Child Protection

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