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Frequently asked Questions

What does MIACP mean?

It means that I am a fully accredited Member of  the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Fully accredited means that I am qualified to work to recognised standards of professional competence. It also means that I work within an ethical framework and code of practice. 

As an accredited member 

  • I am required to attend monthly supervision with an accredited clinical supervisor

  • I attend regular CPD workshops/courses (Continuous Professional Development).

  •   I have been Garda Vetted.

  •   I have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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How often do I have to attend?
To get the most out of therapy it is important to attend weekly . When clients are in the stages of preparing to leave therapy we may see each other every second week /monthly.

Can I contact you on behalf of another person?
You can, however, the person involved must be aware of the call.  It can be difficult watching a loved one go through a tough time, but making someone go will neither help them nor the situation they are in. Therapy is only beneficial if a person wants to make changes in their lives and enters it of their own free will.

Can I bring my baby with me to my session?
It would be preferable if clients attend their session on their own, however, there can be challenges for people around childcare. Yes, parent can bring baby if they are under 6 months.


I would like the support of a friend/family member when I come for my consultation. Is that possible?
Thats no problem. Loved ones are welcome for the initial consultation. 

Will my healthcare insurance cover therapy?
I am an approved Laya healthcare psychotherapist. If you are under the schemes below you can avail of 12 sessions with 90% of the cost covered by Laya.
Excel Care
360 Care
360 Care Select

If you are not on those particular plans or with another health insurance provider I  recommend contacting your insurance provider prior to making an appointment to check if you are covered.


Is there a waiting list?

There can be and if I  have no availability here is some information that you may find helpful.

  •  I can add you to a waiting list and contact you after two weeks to update you on your waiting status and if there is still no availability  I can offer you contact details of other supports and you may want to leave the waiting list..

  • If you would prefer to remain on the list I will contact you as soon as a space becomes available.I will update you on your waiting status every two weeks.


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