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 I invite you to read the following section before you contact me as this will be helpful for our work together.

Therapy Fee and Cancellation Policy



I would appreciate it you could read the following piece carefully before our consultation to familiarise yourself with the limitations of confidentiality.

They are as follows;


1.If you speak of ending your own life or that of another.


2.Under the Children's First Act 2015, Psychotherapists/Counsellors are classed as mandated persons so therefore I am legally obliged  to contact the child protection services if I have reasonable grounds for concern that a person under 17 is being abused. Abuse  is defined as neglect,emotional,physical and sexual.

In the case of historical abuse (when the abuse occurred when younger ) if the perpetrator is alive and has contact with persons under 17, I am also legally obliged to report. To make a  report, I will need the name of the person, I cannot  and will not force you to give me a name until you are ready to do so.


Please be assured that on those two occasions, nothing will be done behind your back. I hope both of us can collaborate together in working through the situation.


Sessions are 70 euro per hour.(Therapy hour is 50 mins).

Receipts are available on request and are provided monthly.


Cancellation Policy

There is a cancellation fee of 30 euro if a session is cancelled under 24 hours and I am unable to accommodate an alternative slot.

 If  I am not contacted regarding a cancellation you will be charged for the full session.



If you are interested in a consultation please read through the information on this website to familiarise yourself on session fees, limitations of confidentiality etc. prior to contacting me.

If you have not received a reply from me within 24 hours please feel free to text me.

Kind Regards


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